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A message from my Heart, Soul, and Mind, one American to Another and Any who will listen...
et's not ask why ALL the planets in our solar system are doing the SAME thing...
et's ignore all ancient text written in STONE by our ancestors...
et's ignore the EVIDENCE all around us...
et's forget the LESSONS history has TAUGHT us...
et's forget WHO and WHAT we truly are...
eep in mind at one point in our development we literally BELIEVED the world was flat...
he BIBLE has been rewritten by MAN several times, each to fit the current time frame and current beliefs...
hat better way to condition the sheeple for what's coming than by using the word of God...
verything is as planned. Have no fear, God will save you. (as the passing of the plate moves around...) Instill hope and fear with a God that can't be proven nor disproven and watch the sheeple flock in masses without using their own 2 cents worth...
o you really think God will save you just for being good?
o you really think He will save you just for reading your bible and going to church?
o you really think He will save you when you sit back and do nothing but watch as evil takes hold?
o you really think He will save you when you have been warned time and time again?
he battle versus good and evil is more real than anyone may imagine and stretches from the beginning of time to the end of time. Only the elements differ as far as what people believe the good and evil is... The evil that's coming none of you are truly prepared for and there will be NO place to hide... The God I believe will tolerate no soul that stands by and does nothing...
our current form cannot be saved period, this mortal shell is yours once and one time only. So fight for it all you can and with every ounce of strength you have. Nor can He give you eternal life, for He has already bestowed it upon you to begin with. When you leave the spiritual world and enter the physical world the transition is so powerful that all previous feelings and thoughts are purged. Only the essence of what you are remains. When you leave the physical world and enter the spiritual world you regain all that you have lost. It is in the spiritual world where our collective conscience resides and only a few of us in the physical world can access it. You never truly die. Nothing in all that exists is ever truly lost, it is simply converted...
o you really think my God would keep you in the same form for an eternity without being able to experience everything that He has given to you to experience?
o matter how many times I walk this Earth I shall always choose the side of good for it is the essence of what I am.
ust in case you still doubt me, ask yourself this....What singular belief on the whole Earth could allow so many to be deceived and why, by their own fables, the rapture will be so high? You can lie to yourself all you want but it still doesn't change the truth... They have turned their back on God and deny the Truth...
till doubt me? The top 7 religions in the world encompass 93% of the world's population, so I guess what they are doing is not in God's view if the rapture is to take all but a handful now is it? Religion is the greatest deceit to befall humanity. That way they can be used as slaves and won't fuss as much. They have taken the true word of God and created Idols and Symbols to mislead, lure, and entrap them. The Bible is the greatest deceit God has allowed Satan to do because their true faith has waned. If your church has a statue of Jesus or Mary or ANYTHING in Heaven then you know you worship within Satan's Legions for by God's own words, "Thou shall not create any idols or images of that which is in Heaven"...
s if my God would demand you to destroy his creations just to write a book to praise Him. As if He would demand you to create a church which destroys even more of his creations just to worship Him. With your flesh upon the Earth and your voice aloud, He will hear you. As if my God would approve of statues and images of that which is in heaven to be inside these churches. As if He would approve of the passing of the plate which brings money into the church. Money is nothing more than a control mechanism of which the churches themselves have more than anyone on the entire Earth. As if my God would demand you to kill another in His Name. As if my God created any other besides Earth nor any other suns nor moons and just as the sun and moon are equal in size so too are they opposite in nature and not what wicked souls make you believe...
now the true path of the righteousness for it is the only true way to eternal life...
ook up and you will find Him, look within and you will know Him, look around and behold the power of my God and Almighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth...
know not the days I preach this for it has been many already, nor the days yet left to preach it, but I shall preach it until my God acts His judgement upon the wicked sinners of this Earth for in His judgement all shall be consumed. Only the righteousness will prevail and live upon the new Earth while all sinners who manipulate, subjugate, oppress, transgress and persecute, along with those sinners who are greedy, simple, lazy, deceitful, liars, thieves, schemers, and those whose lust is insatiable, even those sinners who pride can't break shall mourn and beg for all eternity never finding peace...
e have already been warned once, it resulted in our total destruction of our last civilization...
very day I fight and every day I make more see the light, when will you deniers see the lies for what they truly are?
eny the prophecy know the truth! Most of what you think you believe is a lie! (By design...)
he very foundation of society is based on a lie to keep you in a lie!
f you survive the events that will come to pass if you do nothing, I guess you can consider yourself a chosen one...(At least by the modern religion point of view.)
shall fight to break through the walls and unite us even if it takes until the last breath I take...
ou will only deny what I have written if Greed, Selfishness, Arrogance, Dishonesty or just flat out Evil is within your heart and soul. If you find anything within resentful then you must ask yourself which of these do I possess...
n your most truest form, LOVE is the ultimate expression. Love thy neighbor, Love thyself, Love thy Country, Love thy Earth, Love thy life...
ou have done everything else and nothing has worked. Prove me wrong, that this will not work, by rising in a majority for The Great American Purge...
o NOT take the chance with your current existence! Wouldn't it be a pity if you continued to sit back and do nothing but continue believing in a false belief and when the times comes, you die only to find out at the moment of death you really aren't and never will be? Then all that could of been in this existence will never of had the chance to be and everything you have done until now has all been in vain...
Hear my call through the veil of darkness!

Are you ready to take your Country back?

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